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Houston Home Inspections: There is no doubt to one thing; a house is a huge investment. It is not an easy or inexpensive process. Quite naturally, buying a house is an exercise that asks for utmost precaution. That is why it is important to have a Houston home inspection performed.

Scott Adler of Adler Home Inspections has developed a 241 point inspection method of the most crucial inspection points for a Houston homebuyer. Before you spend $100,000’s on a new home – doesn’t it make sense to have an expert ‘fully vet’ your potential new home, so you will know what you are buying?

That’s why you need a Houston Home Inspection Company looking out for YOUR interests, not the homeowner or realtor. Scott Adler has been in business for 16 years and ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS will come to your assistance.

In today’s fast paced Houston housing market, Houston home inspections often need to be scheduled on short notice to enable timely offers, secure financing, and meet option period and closing schedules. Adler Home Inspections quick turnaround allows his clients to get the best services in the quickest time -Adler Home Inspections prides itself in getting the reports very quickly.

We also offer the termite inspection for those whose loan would require a WDI report -saving you further time and aggravation. Our extensive training and experience inspecting Houston homes enables us to thoroughly access a homes structure and mechanical systems.

I understand the critical factors and common issues in residential construction and can quickly evaluate and discuss results with the clients. If you are building, buying, or selling the Houston area; call us today to discuss your situation and schedule a home inspection.

About us

Adler Home Inspections is a company that offers Home Inspections in Kingwood, Woodlands, Spring, Humble as well as covering the entire greater Houston area. We give utmost priority to our clients’ concerns about their prospective home and identify both common and uncommon issues with the home. Excellent quality service and paramount customer satisfaction set us above the competition.

Why Use Adler Home Inspections

We are a Houston Home Inspections company that conducts an in-depth 241 point examination of the property and prepares comprehensive reports complete with pictures.

This helps buyers, realtors and prospective home owners to make informed decisions during their option period.

And, you get the report in 24 hours of the Site Inspection. Our customers love us for this! Every report is delivered after careful rechecks and multi-level scrutiny.

My license number is 4975 issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission, does allow me to do Houston Home Inspections. But just as a driver’s license does not make one a good drier, have a Home Inspection license does not always make a good inspector. A good home inspector pays attention to details and the 241 point process developed by Adler Home Inspections Houston, makes sure the details are not overlooked. Adler Home Inspections stays on top of the ever changing building practices and residential code -through experience of others and continuing education, which allows me to refine my inspection techniques. Anyone can claim be a “Houston home inspection expert”, but I have the skills and experience to deliver the inspection for your potential home.

Service Areas – Hosuton, Kingwood, Spring, Woodlands and Humble

We offer many services to our customers

1. Houston and surrounding areas home inspection

This is the backbone of our business -a structural and mechanical inspection.  Let my 16 years of experience and having completed over 10,000 of these inspections work for you.

The structural inspection consists of:

a) Foundation
b) Roof Covering
c) Doors and Windows
d) Veneers
e) Stairways
f) Fireplace
g) Grading and Drainage
h) Attic Area

The Mechanical inspections consists of:
a) Electrical
b) Plumbing
c) Appliances
d) Cooling and Heating Equipment

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2. Termite inspection

This inspection formally known as a WDI -wood destroying inspection report, goes hand in hand with the structural and mechanical inspection. A termite inspection helps you avoid unexpected problems with

termite infestation. This additional inspection is an aspect one cannot afford to ignore. Some loans may require this inspection and by offering this service Adler Home Inspections further helps alleviate making any extra phone calls and multiple trips to property for different inspections.

3. Phase inspection

A phase inspection is the key to success when buying a new home. It allows you to evaluate the practices builders are using during the construction of the house.

There are two phases for this type of inspection: pre-drywall and the final inspection. The pre-drywall inspection is preformed prior to hanging the drywall, which allows us to inspect items that can not be seen once the drywall is installed. Items such as anchor bolts, wood members, drain lines, etc. The final inspection is done once the house is completed and is a normal Houston home inspection as described above.

4. Year-end warranty inspection

An end of year builder warranty inspection will provide you with what may be your last chance to correct defects at your builder’s expense. Many homeowners let this one year anniversary slip by without holding their builder accountable for repairs. This inspection is typically done in month number 11 after original purchase of house was made.

Choosing a building inspector in Houston

Remember the following tips when trying to locate a Houston home inspector:

I. Look for the highest qualifications

One cannot disassemble a home at any phase of construction. For this reason, make sure that you choose someone with the highest qualifications in the field. Do not be carried away by short-term certifications of an inspector.

II. Go for an in-depth report

Don’t settle with a small checklist at the end of a home inspection. The feasible approach is to enter into an agreement before signing the contract. Make sure that you are getting a detailed report covering all important aspects.

Saving money by using a property inspection company

I. Be present during the property inspection

Don’t take the fact that you will get an inspection report for granted. Certain inspectors seek shortcuts. This may end up in missing serious damages. In fact, ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS wants you to be present when our home inspector checks your prospective properties.

II. Utilities need to be on prior to the inspection

All utilities need to be on for the most thorough inspection. Again saving money for any return trips needed to the property.

Reading a Property Inspection Report

Adler Home Inspections offer the following tips in reading a report:

I. Familiarize yourself with the report

Read the report as many times as you can. This may take some time, but it is essential if you want to assess your situation. Just don’t read the summary or pictures. We encourage our clients to get back to us if there are any questions regarding the inspection report.

II. Be present during the process

This is in fact the best way to understand a Home Inspection report. Our experts are more than happy to assist customers in understanding the report. Ask as many questions as possible at ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS we’d love to give you answers!

My Promise to you

Choosing the best Houston Home Inspector can be confusing and a hard decision. But I promise that I will treat your potential new home as if I were going to purchase it and give you my very best. I want you to have peace of mind with your new purchase. This I promise to you.

With 16 years of experience in the Houston Home Inspections business. Adler Home Inspections aims to make your home buying or selling experience seamless. If you are looking for a thorough, knowledgeable Home Inspector, you have come to the right place.

Adler Home Inspections will provide the home buyer with a level of service that matches the significance of the purchase that is about to be made. With every inspection comes years of education, training, and professional experience. Adler Home Inspections will share this knowledge with the potential home buyer to ensure that the investment decision is an informed one.

A home is the largest purchase you will ever make, so it is important to understand the condition of your investment. Adler Home Inspections will provide you with a thorough Houston home inspections and a detailed report, that you can rely on, so can make the right choice for your family.

Supra Key

We offer a supra key service to realtors for access to properties. This lets us gain access to buildings even when you cannot be present.

You are a smart investor. And you cannot afford to have a low to medium-quality home inspection report when buying a new house. This makes it a must that you choose a highly experienced Houston home inspector.

Buying a new home is perhaps the greatest decision in your life. A trial and error home inspection method is going to cost you dearly in the long run – hire a professional – hire Scott Adler.

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