Visitors on your website must have a reason to click for either more information, to call for an appointment or fill out the contact form.

You had better make it easy to find – because nobody will look very hard – it’s easier to click back and go to your competitors website. Most business websites blindly hope that the customer will enter their details on the contact form, or search the entire site looking for a telephone number. They won’t!

Don’t make this mistake – download my free ebook now to avoid losing more customers – and potentially double or even triple the number of leads and calls you get from your website.

Advertising is NOT a necessary evil.

It is a profit center, it is the very fuel that will drive your business to long term sustainability, don’t think about how much you’re going to spend, think about how much you will make..

We offer complete marketing packages; we will consult with you, dig deep into your business and come up with a complete step-by-step system of marketing. SEO, PPCon both Facebook and Google Adwords, G+ Local place pages as well as recommend which strategy of client attraction and retention is best for you. This may include a complete landing page setup, lead nurturing auto responder series, or maybe just an easy follow up system to get you more clients – fast!

Being found first is one thing – actually acquiring customers from your marketing is what is important to you (and us so we stay employed!)

I can open the floodgates to consistently profitable traffic and customers specifically for your industry.

Who do I work best with?
Any high end local service companies, High End Landscapers, Pool Construction Designers, Construction and remodeling professionals, Outdoor kitchen/living companies, kitchen and bathroom re-modelers, roofers, local service companies etc.

Basically any business with high-ticket items or sales…



Simple – to advertise effectively you have got to spend money to acquire new customers.. if you sell pizzas – I would have to drive 10,000 customers to you every month to make my fee plus your profit… that’s why in that business, location (or brand name) is important.

But for you – you have to be visible and found when your prospects search for you…and that costs money – effective SEO costs money, I simply cannot do it (effectively!) for $500 or even $1000 a month. I’ve tried and its not possible, you just wont get real results that matter.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads cost money – you have to have a marketing budget to make this system work.

So why am I telling you this – well it’s simple…I only work with those businesses that understand marketing (and being in business period!) costs money – the more you put in – the more you get out.

Building a system, that we will know with reliable certainty that you can acquire customers and make a healthy profit – that’s what builds companies big and fast.

Gone are the days when we offer cheap services, for example SEO – I just cant provide the type of results you want.

I used to do it – it’s frustrating…I was told – well I’ll spend $500 – when will I get my money back?

I simply can’t give you a reasonable answer…It’s just not possible (or even probably truthful) – because without the complete system in place, the one part won’t work with near the effectiveness of the whole system.

So – I changed what I was doing – no more cheap or broke clients getting rid of me regularly because they couldn’t justify spending $500 bucks on marketing – because they needed to pay the rent.

I am sure my business is just like yours… that type of cheap client would shudder at our advertising spend!  But then they can’t work out why we are successful with a full book of clients…without a system no one thing works, period… without me charging you a fair fee to accomplish a complete marketing plan – nothing works… for either of us!

Now – I only work with one local business per industry in each city. I don’t want to compete against myself! I pick the best businesses – and develop a system that brings in massive profits customers and clients.

See – I’m setting myself up for success as well. By only working for those companies that understand the need for marketing, companies that want a full time pro working and scheming on the next marketing campaign and are prepared to pay me well to do that – I can be picky and choose only those that I can generate massive results for.. I don’t want the guy that’s just started and ‘can only afford’ $250 this month!

So am I expensive?

Well it depends on what you call expensive and how you gauge price..

What’s the longevity of your business worth to you?

What is a system worth that generates new clients and business month in and month out?

What is it worth to have a real marketer (not some spammy e-mailer offering $99 a month services.. yeah I get those emails too!) working WITH you – not just for you?

I’m committed to producing results, lots of traffic and new customers… and I will help you every step of the way – from traffic generation to converting those leads into customers – we will keep an eye on your competitors and systemize your client acquisition process based on what works…

And if I don’t think I can help you – I’ll tell you just that… simple enough?

Here is the thing about hiring a marketing agency or a marketing consultant – you have to make sure it’s someone that you are prepared to spend time with.  We have a lot to develop and a lot to accomplish and I can’t do it without you – so we are going to be on the phone and emailing each other – a lot!  It’s pretty important we can work with each other…So if you don’t want to give me your cell phone number (because – you will have mine) or communicate your needs to us, then simply just click back to exit my site – and try to hire someone that maybe will work out as a marketing consultant, traffic and lead generation expert for you.

Another thing that ties right in with this – make sure you hire someone that doesn’t mind disagreeing and even arguing with you!

WHAT? WHY? Is this dude nuts??

Look: During any big project – things are going to get heated sometimes– you have to understand and believe that the company you choose to work with will have your best interests at heart. My goals are all about your successes – so if you hire someone that bends to your every whim and wishes – it’s probably going to fail..

When you tell me “This doesn’t seem to be working.”
I reply – “Yeah I thought that wouldn’t work.”
You say “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier..”
Me “Well I didn’t want to piss you off!”

It might have just cost you thousands of dollars and a ton of time… BUT at least I didn’t upset you (are we still friends?!!) – I don’t know about you – but I have friends…In business I need a partner that will call me on my BS, stand up for what they believe and then LET IT GO as we move forward developing only what works..

Yeah, hire someone that doesn’t mind arguing with you – pretty important! It might even save your company and at the very least it will save you money 🙂

Don’t think of your advertising as an investment, a necessary evil. Its not – it’s a profit center, it’s the very fuel that will drive your business to long term sustainability..

So when you are looking for an online marketing specialist – don’t think about how much you’re going to spend, think about how much you will make..

Fill out the form below and I’ll set up a time to get on the phone with you – no nonsense – no shenanigans!