Humble Home inspections

Humble Home Inspections

Hiring an experienced Humble Home Inspections company is of the most important decisions that you make in your life when you buy your new house. It is a major investment as a lot of capital is involved in the process and you don’t want to make the decision in a hurry or make a mistake – you must hire a home inspector before purchasing that new house.

It is necessary for you as an interested buyer to get your property inspected by a professional so that you are saved from costly mistakes in choosing the wrong property.  Home inspectors inspect the house properly and bring out the problems and defects of the property thus making it easy for you to make a better informed decision and sometimes use the inspection report to negotiate your deal properly.

About Scott Adler


Our company is one of the most trusted Humble Home Inspections company in the city of Humble. We also provide services to the neighboring areas of Houston like Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and surrounding areas. Scott Adler is a well-trained and licensed inspector who will provide an unbiased home inspection report for our clients.

A professional Humble Home Inspections inspector that is fully trained for seeing and looking into all kinds of house defects, so using an inspection company with experience is valuable.

Adler Home Inspections has been doing Humble Home Inspections for over 16 years and has completed over 10,000 home inspections so let our expertise work for you.  The lowest priced inspector is not always the best choice when you are making a 6-figure investment in a new home.  It only makes sense to hire a home inspector that has 16 years of experience and over 10,000 homes under his belt.  I see things many inspectors may miss.

We give a fast and competent inspection report to our clients so that you can make the right choice.  After all we respect the value of investing your hard-earned money into your dream house.

Our Inspectors

Professional home inspector

Scott Adler heads our company ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS.  We are trained and certified professionals for Humble Home Inspections. We have 16 years of experience in the field of house and property inspections.

Scott has a very high expertise in the field of home inspection and will take three to five hours to complete the inspection, depending on the age and size of the property.

You can trust the inspection reports prepared by our inspectors as they are highly accurate and without any errors. The reports are complete with photographs for your convenience and easy understanding.

Why do you need Humble Home Inspections?

Buying a home is a once in a lifetime investment for most people. Hence it is of utmost importance to inspect and examine the property that you are about to purchase. The process involves analyzing the condition of the home/property, by doing a thorough structural and mechanical inspection by a trusted expert. ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS is a fully trained and experienced property inspector and available to do all the analysis in a professional and efficient way.

Why get a home inspection?

Adler Home Inspections will do a structural and mechanical inspection to put the client in a better position to make an informed decision on one of the largest purchases they will ever make.

Adler Home Inspections does this by performing a structural and mechanical inspection on every Humble Home Inspections job.  The larger components of the structural inspection are the roof and foundation, but also includes veneers, door, windows, fireplace, stairway. Etc.  The larger components of the mechanical inspection are the cooling and heating equipment, plumbing, electrical and the appliances.

Other inspections you can consider in Humble

Other than home and roof inspection, we do a lot of house related inspection like appliances inspections, grading of the property and electrical, plumbing and insects inspections. One of our services includes building inspection services.

Humble Home Inspections

In a building inspection service, only the visible components of a building are inspected. The inspectors only check for major defects that they detect easily in the building. They look into the walls, doors and windows of the building for any kind of damage or problems. They take a note of the same if any repair work is needed. The hired inspectors look into the locality of the house built, checks the residential environment and the property location before giving their final inspection report.

Inspection reports – What’s the process like?

As a Humble Home Inspections company we know how important it is for you to get your house inspected fast in our current real estate market. This is how you can get an outstanding property deal.

Scott Adler licensed house inspector gets onto his job immediately and inspects your chosen property in approx. three hours on the day decided and booked by you and your seller.

Once your real estate inspector completes his inspection he prepares an easy to understand report for you.  The report is around 20 to 30 pages and has all the elements needed for a clear understanding while making the correct deal. The inspector attaches lots of digital photographs along with their observations made which helps you to get a clearer picture of the deal. All the reports are in digitalized forms, making it easy for you to get access to them online whenever you want by clicking open your account.