Kingwood Home Inspection Service

Kingwood Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that a person makes in his or her life. It is a big investment and needs a thorough Kingwood home inspections and Termite Inspection prior to making that decision. ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS provides the best available inspection and reports to his clients, making informed decisions on home purchases in Kingwood.

Kingwood home inspectionsOnce a client requests our Kingwood home inspections services, we inspect their prospective house and give them a complete easily understandable 241 point inspection. This helps our clients to evaluate the condition of their prospective purchase and understand the condition of the property before they make a purchase decision. Armed with the report my clients may even be able to negotiate the sells price or have some repairs made to the property.

We operate in the areas of Kingwood, Houston, the Woodlands, Spring, and Humble as well as the entire greater Houston area. We also provide services to the neighborhoods of Valley Ranch, Eagle Springs, Auburn Trails, Summerwood, Barrington, and Woodridge Forest.

We inspect not only pre-owned homes, but also do Inspections for new construction (phase inspection) and a builder warranty inspection.

Why do clients love us?

Adler Home Inspections is a complete Kingwood home inspections team that is a fully licensed Home Inspection company in Texas. We provide a thorough Home and Termite Inspection at an affordable price.

Your Local Kingwood home inspections professional

Our local Kingwood home inspector works a proper schedule for providing timely inspection services and the reports are usually sent that evening, but Adler Inspections prides itself in getting reports out within 24 hours. The reports made by our team are thorough and have digital photographs of the residence.

Your inspector will take the time to thoroughly go over their finding with you at the time of the inspection. This will allow you to ask any questions and put your eyes on anything you may not understand.

What exactly is house inspection?

In the areas of Kingwood, Spring and Humble, our local Kingwood inspection service is of three types:

General inspections of homes

Inspections services are done for the potential buyer of the home. In this type of inspection our inspectors inspect new or pre-owned homes. The inspection services generally include the inspection of the foundation, roof covering, framing in attic, electrical, plumbing, doors and windows, veneers, air conditioning systems and appliances.

Kingwood home inspections will take their time and present you with their findings at the end of the inspection. If the client desires Adler Home Inspections can also provide a wood destroying inspection report (termite inspection).

Inspection of Homes Under Construction

ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS also can do a phase inspection on new homes. During the construction process, the inspectors inspect the property in two different stages. They inspect the house prior to the sheetrock being hung-in order to inspect for things that cannot be seen once sheetrock is installed. And then a final inspection can be ordered once construction is completed. This final inspection is the same as normal Home Inspection.

Builders Warranty inspection

In this type of inspections our property inspector does a Structural and Mechanical Inspection of the client’s house, that builder may have to repair before the warranty period provided by the builder expires. This type of inspection is normally done 11 months after the purchase of a new home.

By getting the house inspected during the warranty period, you may be able to have the builder repair some items, which will save you money in the long run.

An end of year builder warranty inspection will provide you with what may be your last chance to correct defects at the builder’s expense. Many homeowners let their one year anniversary slip by without holding the builder accountable for repairs.


Kingwood home inspection

Services Provided

The property inspection services provided by Adler Home Inspections come with an affordable price tag. We only charge for the services that we provide, with no compulsory add-ons. There are no agent costs or hidden costs involved in the inspection services.

The charges are bases on the size of the residence to be inspected. Depending on the size of the house the house to be inspected the fees of Kingwood home inspection can start as low as $335 and the termite inspection is only $65 when done with the Home Inspection.

The Kingwood home inspections process generally takes two to five hours to complete, but there is no compromise done on the quality of inspection, thus making your investment in the inspection process worthwhile.

Inspector and Reporting Costs

A Home Inspection is done in Kingwood to put a potential buyer in a more informed position to make a decision on buying the house. The inspection can also be used to negotiate repairs or even lowering the purchase price on the house. We perform a structural and mechanical home inspection. Below is an abbreviated list of inspected items:


A) Foundation
B) Grading and Drainage
C) Roofing
D) Attic Area
E) Windows and Doors
F) Veneers
G) Fireplace

A) Cooling and Heating Equipment
B) Electrical -panel, outlets, lights, GFCI’s
C) Plumbing -fixtures, drains
D) Water Heater
E) Appliances

Scott Adler and his team of trained and certified Kingwood home inspectors do all the inspections. The inspectors are trained to inspect the house thoroughly and have developed a 241 point inspection process, which enables them to do a detailed and thorough Home Inspection. This process also enables their team to write a detailed report, which again enables the client to make a more informed decision.

Look no further than Adler Home Inspections for an experienced inspector in the Kingwood area. We are ready to assist with inspections that are fast, trusted, and accurate. So that you can know were potential problems that may affect the condition of your house.

Our detailed oriented approach will be beneficial because of our 241 point inspection process.

Because problems that affect your property are not always obvious to those without the right training and experience, you will want Kingwood home inspections experts, Adler Home Inspections to give you an accurate picture. If you live in the Kingwood area give us a call today for an appointment with our Home Inspector. Scott will be sure to give you quality results in a time manner.