Spring Home Inspections

Spring Home Inspections

Spring Home Inspections are mainly done for the purpose of buying and selling of residential properties.  Buying a home is a big investment, so it is very important to get the property inspected before making your final decision.  Inspection of a property means examining the functionality of the property.  All home inspections are a visual inspection, so it is important to choose someone who has experience.  Adler Home Inspections has been doing this for over 16 years and has done over 10,000 structural, mechanical and termite inspections.

Spring Home Inspections are done by well trained and well qualified licensed property inspectors who look into the condition of the house to be bought by examining the structure (roof and foundation larger potential items) and operating the mechanical systems (cooling and heating equipment larger potential item).  The inspector takes notes of any telltale marks of any kind of damages in the house inspected and makes any of these defects aware to the potential buyer, so the buyer can make a more informed decision about their purchase.

About ADLER House Inspections

We provide professional Spring Home Inspections services to our clients in Spring and the neighboring communities.  Not only does Adler Home Inspection do the Structural and Mechanical inspections, but we can also provide the termite inspection -making it less stressful for our clients trying to schedule several inspectors.  We perform a thorough Home Inspection and you can completely depend on us for all the information that you need for making your final decision in purchasing any desired property.

We provide fast turn-around, which is important due to option period constraints.  We normally can do the inspection within a day or two and provide with a written report usually that evening, but always within 24 hours.  Our Spring Home Inspectors are trained and certified professionals whom you can trust fully for providing you with world class services.  They work consistently to provide you with right and precise information, with which can help make your final decision in buying your house.

Spring Home Inspections

Property inspections

Scott Adler is a Home Inspector, licensed by the State of Texas and fully trained with years of experience and expertise in the Spring home inspections business.  He has developed a 241 point inspection method that makes sure that potential home is thoroughly inspected.  The structural inspection consists of the foundation, grading and drainage, roof covering, door, windows, veneers, fireplace, etc.  While the mechanical inspection covers the electrical, plumbing, cooling and heating equipment, and appliances.

Our inspection services are designed to put our client in a better position to make an informed decision about the property they are thinking of buying.  Sometimes the report can also be used to negotiate repairs to the property.  Our clients have often told us how they used the report to negotiate a better price or even have some of the repairs completed.

Spring home inspector

How we work during the inspection process?

ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS will provide you with superior home inspection services, so that you return as a satisfied customer.  With our vast knowledge in the field of real estate inspections, you will get the most thorough report and information when trying to buy a home.

Our experts work closely with our clients in every facet, whether big or small and try to identify and solve all property inspection related issues.  We have a dedicated group of people who care about our customers and will try to answer every type of inspection related queries that you may have.

Our company, ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS, provides Inspection Services to clients buying brand new homes, pre-owned homes, houses that are under construction (phase inspections), and year end warranty inspections given by builders.

Building inspection report

The report provided to our clients assesses the functionality of the residence, by using a 241 point inspection process.  Our report comes complete with photographs, so you will not have any difficulty in making you final decision about the property.  

Cost of the services

We provide affordable and accurate Spring home inspections services that are complete and honest.