The Woodlands Home Inspection Service

Woodlands Home Inspections

Woodlands Home Inspections expert, Adler Home Inspections in The Woodlands provides first class customer service and promises to do every inspection as if he were buying the house for himself. The inspection report provided is a detailed inspection report that will help the buyer make an informed decision.

We have 241 point inspection process we follow to ensure the highest quality inspection is provided for our clients during the Woodlands Home Inspections.  We make sure to provide all the needed home related and inspection issues are provided for the prospective home buyers.

Adler Home Inspections provides services such new construction phase inspections, builder warranty inspections and pre-owned home inspections. Below is abbreviated list of inspected components:


A) Foundation
B) Grading and Drainage
C) Roof Covering
D) Attic Area
E) Doors and Windows
F) Veneers
G) Fireplace


A) Cooling and Heating Equipment
B) Electrical -panel, outlets, lights, GFCI’s
C) Plumbing -fixtures, drains, water heater
D) Appliances
E) Sprinkler Systems

We are a licensed company having fully trained, certified inspectors who provide a quality inspection at a very affordable and competitive rate.

The process of the Home Inspection

We have a detailed step by step 241 point Woodlands Home Inspections process. However, here are some tips that you must keep in mind, while hiring your Home Inspector:

* Get a professional: desired clients should hire a professional inspector. It is very important to hire someone who has experience and Scott Adler has been doing these Woodlands Home Inspections since 2000 and has performed over 10,000 structural, mechanical, and termite inspections.

* Schedule Proper Meetings: Once the buyer decides on the Home Inspector it is important to have the inspection done as soon as possible, because of time constraints due to the option period. This is another area where Adler Home Inspections excels -you normally can get an appointment within a couple of days and they take pride in getting the report back to you very quickly -normally that evening.

It is recommended that the client be present if possible at the inspection or at least come to the end of the inspection. This way Scott Adler can answer any questions the client may have, go over the findings (making the report easier to understand), and even place their eyes on items that they may not understand.

The inspection can take between two to five hours to thoroughly check and evaluate the house-depending on size and age of residence. The inspectors not record any deficiencies, but take digital photographs for further clarification.

* Be sure to get a report: After the inspector gathers all the information, they compile their observations into a digital form and provide client with a meticulous and informative report. The detailed report helps the clients be able to make an informed decision about the residence in question.

Inspection Reports at Adler Home Inspections

  • One of the highest respected Home Inspection companies in Texas, ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS compiles and delivers a detailed and informative report on the inspected house to their clients, usually that evening, but always within 24 hours.Woodlands Home Inspections
  • The report made by the inspector has digitized photographs of the property attached. The photographs show a clear picture to the interested buyers about the deficiencies in the property. Also, the photographs can make it more difficult for the seller to disagree about something the inspector found.
  • It is recommended that the client be at the home inspection or least come to the end of the inspection, so the inspector can over his findings with the client. This also, gives an opportunity for the client to ask any questions.


Property and House reports

A detailed Home Inspection should be done on all houses, so the potential buyer can make a more informed decision on such a large purchase. It is through this informative inspection report that the clients get confidence they are making the right choice with their property selection.

Trusted licensed company, ADLER HOME INSPECTIONS, with its certified trained professional inspectors to make a detailed report of the home in timely manner for every Woodlands Home Inspections service.

The Home Inspectors investigate and inspect each house using a 241 point inspection process developed by Adler Home Inspections, this ensures that will you get the most thorough Home Inspection. So can leave your Home Inspection worries to us; we’ll help you make sure your decision is an informed decision.